7th Music video contest
3rd musical documentary films contest
2nd edition “A song is looking for music video”
Cl’hips 48 H

CL’HIPS festival reaches its 7th edition. Once the music video contest has been consolidated, the documentary films contests will be kept and the work with formation centers and local cultural agents will increase in order to promote young creatives and new formats, as well as digital platforms.

In the current situation the main challenge is to keep the festival alive, nevertheless, we have some specific goals:

Increase the international participation in collaboration with Dailymotion.

Consolidate the connections with different cultural agents from the city and metropolitan area with the Festival's proposals, as well as the presence in the city through already existing events.


7th Music Video Contest:
The contest stills broadly like it was in previous editions, with the incorporation of Dailymotion as main presentation channel, display and with a prize awarded by the audience online.

L’Hospitalet makes music videos:
In order to offer a specific treatment to the creatives from the city, a specific event has been created.
With the help of different musical bars from the city, all music videos made by local creatives will be displayed during the previous week of the festival.
The audience will vote the winning work through Dailymotion.http://www.dailymotion.com/contest/festival_clhips_2011

3rd Musical Documentary Films Contest:
This is a contest for short documentary films (max.15 minutes) related with music.The topic of the contest is free, but a special prize will be awarded to the works about the "Escola de Música Centre de les Arts de L’Hospitalet de Llobregat" (Music School Arts Center of l'Hospitalet de Llobregat), (EMCA).

2nd A Song Is Looking For Music Video:
With the aim of promoting the particioation of young creatives and supporting new bands, the festival makes a team with La Casa de la Música (The Music House) and its proposal of awarding grants to rough cut production.

With the collaboration of some audiovisual formation center, the students will be able to choose among the bands that have been selected during 2010 to edit their rough cut.The finalist music videos will be displayed in a public session. During this session the author will be able to talk about their work (why and how was it made) and the music band will evaluate the music video made for their song.The winner will be the "official" music video of the band's song:






You can listen to selected issues:

After selecting a topic, you must make an advance registration to the address clhips@gmail.com. Indicating the Name of the participant / s and the subject or subjects chosen the organizing committee will forward the issue in mp3 format.

Registration is formalized from the time of receipt of the work by the organizing committee.
Video clips must be sent in a sealed envelope with the title clearly visible.
Entries should be submitted in DVD format (PAL 720 x 576).
The video presentation must include at least:
- The song title and name of the group.
- The name of the author / s or author / as the video clip.
- An address, email and telephone.

The date of submission of work starts June 4th 2011 and end on September 16th 2011.
The works may be submitted at the Cultural Center San José (Avenida Isabel la Católica, 32 CP08901, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat) until Friday July 15th. May also be delivered in any of the general registers Town Hall until September 16th and the central (street Josep Prats, 2) during the month of August.

Videoclips are finalists in a public meeting. In this session the author will have the opportunity to defend his work and the band that has made the song the assessment.
The winning video will become "official" song of the group.
These videoclips can also be registered to participate in the 7 th independent music contest by registering dailymotion:http://www.dailymotion.com/contest/festival_clhips_2011

CL’HIPs 48 H
July 9th and 10th.

Cl’hip 48 H is an activity of the CL’HIPS 2011 festival organized together with the Metropl’his festival.

The goal is to make a music video in 48 hours, about a specific band and following some instructions.How does it work:A concert of the chosen band will be celebrated in one of the city's locals on July 8th at noon.

All the competitors can assist in order to obtain images.Competitors will only be able to use images (pictures or video) from that concert. The music video will have to be made from some theme played in the concert.

Competitors will be able to download the songs with good sound quality using a link to a website that will be provided by the organization.The band will choose the winning music video, and it will became that song's official music video.

More information:
Centre Cultural Sant Josep
Avda. Isabel la Catòlica, 32
08901 L’Hospitalet
Tel. +34 93 337 06 12

Horari : de dilluns a divendres de 16.00 a 22.00 h.